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The focus for our training is on developing and managing the people aspects of businesses in three key areas:

HR Skills

Leadership and Management

Business and Personal Skills

Our training is available as:

We believe that all training should be aligned to the achievement of your corporate objectives and have a clear business benefit. Where possible, for in-house events, we will adapt the exercises and activities in the Short Courses to reflect your working environment. This enhances the delegate buy in and encourages the learning transfer directly into the workplace. We offer our clients a complete service, from initial research and needs analysis to design, delivery and evaluation. Each project is scoped and agreed with you at the beginning, and a named project leader so you can always contact the person responsible for your programme.

In addition to designing and delivering your training events, we can help you with:


HR Skills

Our HR Skills training covers a range of topics that enable managers and HR professionals to deepen their understanding of specific HR issues. These courses are delivered as standalone events to act as both a refresher for those with experience, and as an in depth introduction for those new to the topic. The training provides a strategic and functional understanding of how the topic sits within an integrated HR approach. It demonstrates the need for vertical alignment with the business objectives and horizontally other HR functions. The training also contains tools and practical frameworks that can be used within the workplace.

Where responsibility for managing HR issues is delegated and distributed to line managers, these core topics provide the underpinning knowledge and practical skills that can give line managers the confidence to handle HR issues effectively. Where possible, we would seek to incorporate your company processes into the training event to ensure seamless application and transfer into the workplace. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us

Leadership and Management Training

Our Leadership and Management training can be used as both a ‘just-in-time’ approach that meets the immediate needs of the individual or as part of a development programme that builds confidence and knowledge for the future and aims to directly relate to your organisation without needing to be fully bespoke. Our modular approach brings together the strong core elements delivered to match the role and experience of the audience. The event blends the underpinning theoretical knowledge with the practicalities of being a manager today.

The following list illustrates some of the available courses; if your required topic is not listed please give us a call to see if we can help.

Modular Programmes

Our First Line Managers programme is designed to provide core knowledge, tools and techniques for supervisors, team leaders and deputy managers who had not undertaken any formal management training. The training consists of 6 half day modular workshops with the content at an operational and implementation level, supported with two individual coaching sessions per person.

The modules are:

Additional modules are available on:

We adjust the emphasis on the skills level and the application depending upon the roles of individuals. Where the audience is at a Senior Manager or Director level then the training level reflects an organisational perspective and additional subjects  are provided that align with the training need. For middle managers, the training level takes a strategic approach within the same topic structure, building their skills and understanding for the future. For senior positions or where individual training is more appropriate, we can deliver one to one development that combines training with coaching. The support through individual coaching is effective particularly over a longer timescale to help address emerging issues as they occur and where possible we seek to bring individuals together for shared learning and reflection.

When cost constraints are in place….

We have a range of core modules for our HR, and Leadership & Management programmes, by linking relevant modules to support the needs of your business we can build you a specific programme around the modules. By incorporating internal examples into the activities and exercises with real time information and situations and the programme becomes unique to your organisation. This gives you a customised programme across a range of leadership and management topics for a standard programme cost. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us


Business and Personal Skills

Managers today need to have a range of skills in addition to their technical expertise, and our courses have been designed to introduce and develop their expertise across a suite of core areas. These events can be delivered as a standalone short courses or in support of your Leadership and Management training programmes. The core range of business skills training events include:

To receive a copy of the course outline and content please contact us


Bespoke Training

For many core skills such as communication, delegation and Team Leader skills, a standard training package will often meet your needs. In cases where the learning and development of your staff needs to be customised to deliver specific training  objectives , then bespoke training is the  more appropriate choice. Customisation goes beyond just tailoring a course for your industry or business model - it can support complex change programmes and developmental objectives, such as corporate culture change or encouraging new behaviours.

We blend together different methods of learning and training techniques to create a programme specifically designed to meet all of your objectives. Your programme will contain a range of experiential and instructional learning techniques, use of facilitated discussions and underpinning thought-leadership in a balance that will effectively deliver your training outcomes. By adapting and including your business practices and real life information, case-studies and corporate values, we bring the training to life for your delegates. Incorporating ‘real-time’ information and examples gives the trainees a deeper learning experience. Your business will benefit from delegates transferring their learning into practice in the workplace sooner and more effectively,

We can provide an end to end service for your programme, or offer you incremental support through: 

We encourage regular feedback and reporting between us during the delivery of longer programmes. This gives you the opportunity to include real time situations and key messages as events emerge during the life of the programme. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us


Training Nuggets

When time is short….

Often companies find that it is difficult to release staff for a full day training event, if time is an issue for you, then the Training Nuggets approach is right for you.

We distil the core content and messages to achieve your objectives into a series of discrete learning sessions. Each session is designed to fit the time available, from a 30 minute ‘lunch time’ session to a longer morning or evening event, they are designed to fit in with your operational needs.

We offer our clients a complete service, from initial research and needs analysis to design, delivery and evaluation. Each project is scoped and agreed with you at the outset, and a named project leader so you can always contact the person responsible for your programme.

To find out how we can develop your training nuggets please contact us and we will be happy to have a conversation without obligation or commitment.


Training Outline Sample

These are a few examples of programme outlines:

Adding Value through HR Metrics

Advanced Leadership Techniques

Employee Engagement

Employee Relations

Leadership and Performance Management including Employee Relations

If you would like an Outline for a Specific Course please contact us

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