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We are an independent performance improvement consultancy that supports organisations, teams and individuals


From small meetings, away days and larger staff events, our facilitators construct the space and environment that can help you and your teams get the most out of them. As external facilitators, we bring an unbiased approach that does not have any hidden agendas or an interest in the outcome. We enable decision makers to take part in their meetings rather than concentrate on leading the group. For those within the group, knowing that the decision making authority does not rest with the person leading the meeting will encourage participation and discussion.

Using external facilitators to concentrate on the meeting dynamics and processes allows participants to focus on the content and substance of the task in hand. We remove the 'background noise', emphasising clarity, accountability and action to improve productivity and performance, creating the space for progress.

Our experience and knowledge of group processes and group dynamics are used to formulate and deliver the needed structure for meeting interactions to be effective. We make it easier for the group to arrive at its own answers, decisions and meeting deliverables, then close with everyone feeling they have contributed and are committed to any resulting actions.

Within this space, everyone can contribute as ideas are forming, and feel confident to do so. Everyone is actively encouraged and nurtured to work better together within the meeting. We strive to eliminate habitual behavioural where it has a negative impact. We give confidence to the more reserved members, focus to the stronger and minimise the impact of internal politics, functional and geographic silos within organisations. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us