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Coaching is widely recognized as being one of the key development tools within organisations and our coaching focus is on delivering high performance and improvement at work and personal development for individuals. We specialise in delivering coaching within a corporate or business environment and have worked for a range of clients across most industry sectors.

For organisations, we can help you to develop and introduce a coaching culture across your company by building internal coaching capacity within your line managers, and provide coaching supervision to your internal (or external) coaches. When working with key individuals, our focus is normally on on improving performance, developing skills and personal attributes or providing timely support for emerging issues.

We understand the challenges of releasing people and the practical needs of busy managers. Our coaching sessions are arranged to fit in with organisational and personal situations and also recognise the three way relationship between the coach, the company, and the person being coached. Where distance or travelling present constraints, we can supplement personal coaching sessions with remote support via VOIP, email and telephone.

All our coaches are qualified and experienced, committing to the standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us


Individual Coaching

When coaching individuals, we adopt an adaptive coaching style, incorporating any mentoring and training in a balance that is unique for you.

We use a non-directive, non-judgmental style that focuses on your agenda, we support you on your important issues when it counts. It helps you make the most of the skills and knowledge you have, and where necessary introduces new skills and knowledge to aid your development. We walk the journey with you, supporting you as situations unfold and clarifying your thoughts through challenge and discussion.

It is your coaching programme and can be event driven or a structured and planned programme depending on your personal situation. Within your personalised coaching mix, you gain the inspiration and personal empowerment to succeed. From developing the skills, increasing your knowledge or helping you think things through clearly, we are there to help you become more effective.

Your individual coaching approach is developed and delivered at a time and place to suit you. We would recommend that at least the first meeting is face to face, subsequent coaching sessions can be delivered face to face, online, VOIP or by telephone to dovetail with your schedule. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us


Team Coaching

Teams are groups of individuals interacting and sharing a common purpose, high performing teams have some key characteristics:

When things break down, gaps often appear between people that cannot be resolved without external help.

Our Team Coaching focus is on removing the obstacles to achieving high performance and creating synergy between members. Even in established teams issues of ‘Groupthink’, social conformity and consensus thinking come to bear on the functionality and performance of the team. Effective coaching of teams requires both coaching skills and an understanding of team dynamics to be successful.

We work with the team to understand what is happening through a process of shared diagnostic discussions exploring a range of areas. The classic question of ‘what does success look like?’ is a useful starting point here. This is the information gathering phase to build a map of the team, its relationships, culture, role perceptions and the processes they follow.

We have helped executive teams, board teams, self-managed teams, department and  organisational teams. Our experience of team dynamics, team development and group facilitation contributes to our effectiveness as team coaches. If your team is not achieving the performance levels needed, then we can help your team too. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us


Coaching Supervision

The CIPD describe coaching supervision as:
“a structured formal process for coaches, with the help of a coaching supervisor, to attend to improving the quality of their coaching, grow their coaching capacity and support themselves and their practice.”

Coaching can be a challenging activity for both internal and external coaches. To remain effective coaches, they need opportunities to reflect on their practice. We create the space and the environment that encourages coaches to explore aspects of their coaching sessions and gain clarity on difficult or complex issues.

Even the most experienced coaches may miss issues within their sessions, or have their own issues they may not be aware of. They may miss potential clues in the coaching discussion with their client or be struggling to maintain their professional, ethical, or capability boundaries. Within organisations, these include the internal standards of set by them and their alignment with the organisational objectives.

Coaching supervision is advocated by the professional coaching bodies as it helps coaches understand their coach – client interaction, the communication, responses, consequences and alternatives in a way that self-reflection cannot achieve. This can bring new aspects of self-awareness and presence, gaining greater insight into their practice. Coaches gain emotional and practical support within a confidential framework that adds to their personal development and on-going learning.

Supervision can be provided at an individual or group level. Some coaches will prefer a one to one session, whereas coaches working within organisations can gain extra benefit from being supervised in groups to share the learning amongst all participants. Supervision is also an important quality assurance activity for organisations and a source of organisational learning about issues addressed in coaching sessions. We will be happy to discuss your supervision programme, and how we can support your internal coaches remain effective. To find out more on how we can help you please contact us


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